Arnis Balite

Arnis Balite

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Punong Guro Steven K. DowdPunong Guro at Tagapagmana
Chief Instructor and Inheritor

Steven K. Dowd

    Punong Guro at Tagapagmana Steven Dowd commenced his training in Arnis Balite (Aguillon Arnis) in 1974. He was appointed by the Aguillon family upon their fathers passing away on January 8, 1991 to represent the family art known as Aguillon Arnis. In 1998 in talking with the son and daughters of Pundador Aguillon it was proposed and accepted that the family art would use the name of Arnis Balite their fathers nickname while he was a Champion Boxer before the war with Japan, which was Kid Balite.
    Pundador Manuel M. Aguillon was very selective in his teachings and often refused to teach individuals who did not have the attitude, discipline, or the spirit to represent his family's art.
     Being his senior student Punong Guro Dowd wishes to carry on his beliefs and the art as he would have done so himself. In Arnis Balite, Pundador Aguillon did not have a belt ranking system, one was either a Student or Teacher.

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