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Articles of Faith

     The following Articles of Faith are not only key concepts in the philosophy underlying the practice of Arnis Balite, but serves as basic ground rules that student and instructor alike must follow. It is accepted that members in good standing will follow these principles to the best of their ability.

  1. He who gives respect, gains it. Willing acceptance of the prerogatives of higher rank and support of a lower ranking individual's human dignity and self-esteem is necessary in the practice of Arnis Balite. He must be aware that many other legitimate martial art styles are not deserving of ridicule. One must search for the points of commonality, and value differences, to cooperatively coexist.

  2. Arnis Balite seeks to develop an individual's self-confidence. Members must realize that given a wide variance in individual capacity, each person has a unique potential to fulfill. Belief in one's ability to exceed his achievements can facilitate the process

  3. No one is perfect. Accepting one's own imperfections eliminates a roadblock to progress.

  4. Every practitioner of Arnis Balite must strive for excellence in everything he does. Being the best is not the objective. Rather, doing the best one can is the goal. This is the only way an individual can discover his full potential and therefore his limits.

  5. Be patient. Do not laugh at the mistakes of others. The practice of Arnis Balite teaches that errors should result in growth experience, not a humiliating one.

  6. Enthusiasm benefits everyone. Helping others, encouraging participation and serious practice promotes the art and develops the person.

  7. Cleanliness, other than its social significance, also says something about an individual's self-respect.

  8. Determination often represents the difference between success and failure. Each member shall strive to develop his endurance, and to build a capacity for calmness in the face of adversity.

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